Letters To Strangers 2016 ~ Montana Letter

This effort was discussed in my recent post about my trip to DC last week, and is described in further detail in a post from May of last year.  My letter was updated this year and some of the Montana patients active with Northern Rockies Lyme Disease Coalition efforts shared their photos to help further […]

May 2016 Trip to Capitol Hill, IDSA Headquarters, and Lyme Policy and Science Forum

Each May, The Mayday Project hosts a rally outside of the Infectious Disease Society of America’s Headquarters in Arlington, VA, to raise public awareness for Lyme Disease and for the damage being done by the outdated and dangerously flawed IDSA Lyme Disease Treatment Guidelines, and to fight for change.  Patients travel from around the region […]

Yolanda Foster Bashing Doctor-Author Forgot To Research Lyme Disease (Part Two)

Misinformation about Lyme disease dangerously skews public perceptions of patients, in addition to perceptions of the disease, further alienating thousands of patients from families, friends and careers, as well as appropriate healthcare.

“Today I just grieve…” ~ Guest Post by Rory Hubert Kahn

Originally posted on facebook, shared here with the author’s kind permission Some days are so hard. Please continue your prayers for my friend, Bambi, who is fighting ‘like a girl’ to recover from her second Lyme stroke. She’s got a long way to go and more hard battles to fight. Her beautiful face will return […]

‪#‎NationalSuicidePreventionDay‬ ~ Guest Post from Jordan Landerman

‪#‎NationalSuicidePreventionDay‬ ~ Cross posted from Facebook with the Author’s kind permission, artwork also by the author, Jordan Landerman Yesterday I posted a status, and had some interesting responses. I essentially “came out” as suicidal. This isn’t the first time I’ve made this known to people, but it’s the first time I’ve blatantly posted it on social […]

Northern Rockies Lyme Disease Coalition ~ Requesting Photos and Map Locations

My new site and organization, at NorthernRockiesLyme.org, is up and running, although still in progress. We will continue to be seeking map locations and several types of photos, used initially to celebrate and prepare for our May 1 launch and participation in The Mayday Project’s IDSA Rallies in Arlington April 30 and May 1. Patient voices are […]

Yolanda Foster Bashing Doctor-Author Forgot To Research Lyme Disease (Part One)

This is part one (focusing on the science) of a response to a recent article which questioned Real Housewives star Yolanda Foster’s Chronic Lyme Disease diagnosis and claimed that there is “no good evidence” that Chronic Lyme Disease exists. The author’s inflammatory title, “Real Housewife, Fake Disease” is fairly ironic, given that the doctor writes under a fake […]

Deer Ticks Confirmed in North Dakota Carry Lyme Disease and Important Implications for ‘Non-Lyme’ States

Recent findings published in the Journal of Medical Entomology carry critically important implications for Lyme Disease detection in Montana and other states currently not considered Lyme endemic. Although North Dakota was considered to be outside the range of deer ticks (Ixodes scapularis), researchers sampled nine locations in North Dakota and found deer ticks present at six of them, including […]

My Son’s New Year’s Resolution for Lyme Awareness

My son’s teacher took the time to type and email my son’s resolution from a project in class, and it truly melts my heart.  It’s certainly not easy for either of my kids to have a mom with Lyme disease. Christopher’s Resolution ~ (9 years old, 3rd grade) My New Year’s resolution is to finally […]

Go Fund Me Link ~ Please Help (And Pray For) Heather Haynes

Friend/Patient/Advocate In Need of Assistance ~ Heather Haynes Go Fund Me Link ~

Please Share Courtney’s Lyme Campaign ~ An 11-Year Old’s Class Project

I’m posting this for Courtney Prew, who is working on a class project raising awareness for Lyme disease for her Mom, Heather Prew, who is fighting chronic Lyme.  They’ve already touched a bunch of Lymies since starting this (and made a bunch of us cry!!!) ~ please help Courtney reach many more!  If you share […]

Long-Term Lyme: Were You Diagnosed With Lyme Disease First, or Something Else?

For millions of patients, like me and the dozens of other patients that shared varying degrees of their situations and stories here, still fighting Lyme Disease years after our initial infection, it is emotionally difficult to read or hear that our disease ‘does not exist’.  We need a larger percentage of doctors and the general public […]

Patient Advocacy

Link to Press Release ~ Outcome of The Mayday Project and IDSA President Calderwood’s Meeting

Link to Press Release ~ Outcome of The Mayday Project and IDSA President Calderwood’s Meeting

Just Released Lyme Patient Advocates Meet with IDSA President, Discuss Concerns About Guidelines Review Process ARLINGTON, VA, Tuesday, March 24—Representatives from The Mayday Project Lyme patient advocacy group met with Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) President, Dr. Stephen Calderwood, on Friday, March 20, to discuss concerns about the IDSA’s guidelines for diagnosis and treatment […]