Lyme Ribbons 2015

Lyme Ribbons Up May 1st, 2015!
Instructions: On May 1st, tie a green ribbon around your tree (or window, mailbox, garage, bush, whatever) and leave it up until the 31st. The goal is to flood neighborhoods with this symbol to illustrate how many lives have been affected by Lyme Disease and coinfections (MSIDS)

I am calling on all Lyme Groups to help to share this as part of the May activities. This is not about one group or another. It’s about making headlines and getting some awareness going! We have a few months to plan, so no excuses!

Make sure to hit join so you get the reminders and share so we can make this a huge movement. I want to see millions of trees. Can we make that happen?

Our Schedule
January – Keep sharing and inviting! If we hit 1000 in a few days, can we pass 10,000 by the end of the month?

February – We will start raising funds to help provide ribbon to larger local projects and to get ribbons to people who are too sick or isolated to get some.

March – Getting resources out – Ribbons, info graphics, permits and permissions for larger projects.

April – Promoting, promoting, promoting!

Ribbons up May 1st! I want pictures, video, news coverage
clips, everything!!!

Ribbons down May 31st! – Our environment has suffered enough and we are paying the price. Be sure not to add the the problem and use biodegradable eco-friendly ribbon and make specific plans to take down the ribbons you have distributed.

Find us on Twitter @TheLymeWire!

Instagram up this week…


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