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Featured LDC 2015 Videos



Our family videos are posted elsewhere. Scroll down for a few of many awesome videos from 2015.

I also saved a few videos on youtube on a channel under this title (Invisibly Lyme Montana) and believe there is still also a list on the Lyme Disease Challenge official youtube page (which initially included my son’s ‘how to’ video).  But there are an enormous and growing number of videos to browse through now.

Featured Videos from 2015

Watch them, share them, tweet them, enjoy them, and like them (via youtube)!  If you share them, be sure to use #lymediseasechallenge in your post.  Below each video may be a few other suggestions and requests, which were applicable in 2015 (such as the first one).

By Jenny B.

It’s great–you’ll see and you’ll thank me.  I ‘challenge’ you not to giggle!

Yolanda Foster, who has accepted the challenge, called this video amazing and retweeted it (as will you and all you send it to). Her husband’s video was great, too, and is on the LDC youtube page list.

Friendly Suggestions and Requests:

  1. Share, like, comment, as suggested above.
  2. Support her challenge to Kathleen Hannah:
    1. Retweet her challenge to Kathleen Hannah and/or mention Kathleen Hannah if you tweet this video, and
    2. Comment on the video that you hope she accepts, so she sees when she views it.
  3. Look for more of Jenny’s challenges on her twitter account, Jenny B. @lymeroad.

I remembered writing this year-end blog post on my old blog.  It’s funny to me at the moment because it talks about Angeli Vanlaanen (accepted first day), Yolanda Foster (accepted), Daryl Hall (challenged by Yolanda), and Kathleen Hannah.  When Kathleen accepts, it will be a sign that the remaining person noted in the post should be challenged as well. (Watch for a long overdue and overly emotional update on this point, with a pretty big ‘give-away’ below).




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