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Other Writing

We can’t be “all Lyme” all the time.  Though….sometimes that’s beyond our control, so I can’t entirely stand by that statement in all cases or at all times.

Sometimes the breaks are a necessity, sometimes they are a luxury, with health dictating which is which.

These are blogs I created during my illness.  Some reflect my old diagnoses, or times when I was trying to write about non-Lyme topics.  All reflect varying states of cognitive ability, and the topics themselves also reflect varying states of overall health.

There are multiple Lyme-related articles on the Hub Pages profile linked to below.

As you can see form this list, I’ve had several blogging identity crises since I began writing in 2011 or so.  Partly because I always thought I was about to get better, didn’t know what my real illness was, pushed and worked through treatment, and didn’t want to live in an illness filled space all the time.

 Montana Momma

Montana Momma ~ Life Outside

Hub Pages, Rocky Mountain Mom

I used this site as practice when I was considering freelance writing this past summer, and as a distraction while putting applications in to content sites and navigating the writing tests and set up on various platforms.  I was accpeted to those sites, but after some concentrated paid writing, I was over-doing it and getting sicker, so I listed to my spouse and took a step back.  I write here occasionally and have published some Lyme disease articles there.
Hub Pages, RockyMountainMom

Turtle Medicine

I started with Turtle Medicine which was illness based, but also very hopeful and optimistic.

Turtle Medicine ~ Stories of a CFIDS/Lyme Disease Mo

Original Invisibly Lyme Blog (Blogspot ~ Posts through Fall 2014)

Invisibly Lyme Montana (blogspot)

Bread and Roses

I fell into some pretty insane legal disability (or anti-disability, rather, as I was fighting to work) loopholes with my federal employer and fell into a year and a half horrific and traumatic federal process.  I didn’t want that experience to infect everything I was writing, but it was too big a part of my life not to write about it.  I thought I could help others, but there’s not much that can be done other than try to survive if you get stuck in something like that.

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