Montanans With Lyme

Montanans (including myself and multiple others I’ve read about and met) can and have contracted Lyme.

One of the primary purposes of this page is to demonstrate that current guidelines are what have kept a “first documented case” of Lyme contracted in Montana from being documented (discussed in greater detail throughout this website).

Although it is critical that Montana cease precluding Lyme diagnoses based on that circular logic, paired with outdated assumptions about tick distributions and vector species, it is also extremely important to note the Montana is currently a “black hole” for Lyme patients no matter where they contracted it.  Both for diagnosis, and for treatment of existing cases.  There are up to two lyme literate practitioners in the entire state.

To my knowledge they are both Naturopath’s not covered my most insurance.  Not all patients can travel or afford entirely out of pocket care, so that lyme patients that move to Montana may find themselves in declining health, eventually unemployed and out of resources.

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2 comments on “Montanans With Lyme

  1. Can you please share with me the info on the two LLMD’s in Montana? I would greatly appreciate it!


    • There aren’t any LLMD’s in MT. There are up to two LLND’s (primarily an important distinction only for those dealing with insurance or work situations where an MD is required, so wanted to clarify in case it is an issue for you). We never give out doctor names publicly because treating for Lyme can cause unfair repercussions for those doctors, even when they are applying completely appropriate discretion (comparable to any other disease). Sorry for the long answer, but go to MDJunction’s Lyme support group and find their referral thread (that person running that database knows the Montana situation well) or email me at northernrockieslyme@gmail.com or on the Invisibly Lyme Montana facebook page (I don’t have the names, so MD Junction is just as fast, but I can help you or get them). ILADS, Lymedisease.org, and TDBA have referrals also, but MDJunction is familiar with Montana.


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