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Ticks in Montana

Species presence absence, tick distributions, and vector species information.

These are all unknown but currently used to falsely preclude the possibility of Lyme disease being contracted in Montana.  Many people, including myself, have contracted lyme in the sate of Montana.

Most people don’t know the differences among tick species.  Tick ID Info here.

Tick-Borne Diseases on the Rise, Thanks to Global Warming

Rickettsia peacockii sp. nov., a New Species Infecting Wood Ticks,
Demacentor andersoni, in Western Montana?


Examples of Tick Survey Results and of Potential Clusters of Patients Evaluated in Other States

Survey of Western Black-Legged Ticks and Lyme Disease in Utah


The following are sources with missing or presumptive information, primarily regarding lack of deer ticks (not known) equating to lack of Lyme disease risk to humans (has been proven false).

Ticks on Companion Animals





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