OSHA Lyme Disease Hazard Information Bulletin

Many thanks to Jenna Luche Thayer for linking to this resource in a recent assessment of Lyme and Climate Change Policy (Global Climate Change Policy Contaminated by CDC Lyme Data).

Hazard Information Bulletin: Lyme Disease [USDOL, OSHA, HIB 00-04-20]

“Lyme Disease is a multisystem, multistage, inflammatory illness caused by Borrelia burgdorferi, a corkscrew-shaped bacterium…Awareness of Lyme disease and its signs and symptoms is essential for diagnosing the disease. In some cases, the diagnosis is not made because many of the signs and symptoms associated with Lyme disease are similar to those of the flu. …In addition to this rash, other non-specific symptoms may be present, including fever, lymph node swelling, neck stiffness, generalized fatigue, headaches, migrating joint aches, or muscle aches. It is very important that the infection be diagnosed and treated with appropriate antimicrobial medication as early as possible because untreated Lyme disease may result in symptoms that are severe, chronic, and disabling. These disorders include chronic inflammatory arthritis, chronic muscle pain, heart disease, and/or neurological (brain and peripheral nerves) disorders. In addition, Lyme disease in a later stage is more difficult to diagnose, and treatment may be more prolonged and costly.”

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