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Many of the most compelling and useful studies on Lyme disease are not new, but are not cited or referenced on agency and major medical institution websites.  This may sound conspiratorial, but can be easily demonstrated.

A simple example is the persistence of Lyme. You may frequently read or hear claims that “there is no evidence of persistent Lyme,” yet there are hundreds of published, peer reviewed studies concluding the opposite.

Medical journals are a good way to double check what you read on sites such as state Health Departments or the CDC.  Things are bound to get better, but in the mean time, it takes a lot of extra work to self-gather the science.

A very thorough collection of Lyme related science and resources can be found at Lymedisease.org.  So even if you find what you are looking for here, you will find more on whatever it was you were looking for there.

My intent here is to offer resources to share or to introduce readers to topics they may not even know yet are out there.

In progress…..

But in the mean time, here’s a lengthy intro to the science of Lyme, which does include some of the typical fallacies (such as Ixodes species’ as the only vectors, now proven false) but will at least get you started on the basics, history, and science of Lyme disease.  If you are most people, you are better off starting with Under Our Skin (see Lyme resources page or scroll down for trailer).  This is a lecture with power point.


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