Emails Requested ~ WA Lyme Bill Goes to Gov. Inslee For Signature (SB 5448)

Washington organizers, including Co-sponsor Dan Boeholt, have requested assistance in the form of gentle emails of support to Governor Inslee requesting that SB 5448 be singed into law.  Below are two requests that say it well, followed by a brief update and links for further background on the Bill, including follow up on last week’s exciting margin on the Bill’s final vote.  As always, up to date information can be found on the Ticked Off On Lyme WA Facebook page.

From Faith Rameriz ~

Okay folks, it’s time to write Governor Jay Inslee asking for his support on Washington’s Lyme Bill! Gentle, short emails of support for signing Lyme Bill SSB 5448 have been recommended.

1) Click the link below:

2) Enter your information.

3) *What is the subject of you message? Choose: Health Care.

4) Enter and submit your comments.

Thank you for your participation! Don’t forget to share with friends and family!

From Kristine Moden ~

One final email to go for WA Lyme Bill SSB 5448!

It’s time to send our final email to get WA Lyme Bill SSB 5448 passed into law. It was recommended by our team leader, Dan Boeholt, who co-authored the bill, that our email’s to Governor Inslee be gentle and short, and only one or two sentences long. Here is the link to send Governor Inslee an e-message. https://fortress.wa.gov/es/governor/

WA state residents as well as non-residents are welcome to send a message.

Below is an example of a short e-message that NEEDS editing. You may make it as personal as you like but keeping it as short and as courteous as possible is most important.

Dear Governor Inslee,
I/a loved one/a friend has/have been struggling with chronic Lyme disease and has/have been very sick for many years now, I would greatly appreciate your support in signing Lyme Bill SSB 5448.

Thank you,

Thank you everyone for your support and participation these past several months. We are almost there!

Update ~

Last week Washington organizers for SB 5448 issued a call to action to email 98 House Legislators.  I based mine on my past email, which still applied to that request and what the group was asking for (posted here).  I received responses from multiple Legislators, whom I will probably list here or in a future post, as I think responses are extremely important (and I was happy to receive them).

The bill went to a vote April 10 and passed 85 -12.

Background ~

*This post summarizes the bill with links for background and it’s history (up to House Hearing).

Additional Posts/Articles (Recent First)


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