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Reminder/Request ~ Email WA Health Care Committee (Supporting Chronic Lyme Bill SB 5448)

If you have not already done so please take a few minutes to write the Health Care Committee asking for their support on this very important Bill (Recognizing Chronic Lyme Disease).  I was raised in Washington, have a large number of friends and family in Washington, and travel to Washington for treatment of Chronic Lyme Disease.

Caldier.Michelle@leg.wa.gov, Judy.Clibborn@leg.wa.gov, Eileen.Cody@leg.wa.gov, Richard.DeBolt@leg.wa.gov,Paul.Harris@leg.wa.gov, Laurie.Jinkins@leg.wa.gov,Norm.Johnson@leg.wa.gov, Jim.Moeller@leg.wa.gov, Marcus.Riccelli@leg.wa.gov, June.Robinson@leg.wa.gov, Jay.Rodne@leg.wa.gov, Joe.Schmick@leg.wa.gov, Shelly.Short@leg.wa.gov, Steve.Tharinger@leg.wa.gov, Kevin.VanDeWege@leg.wa.gov

My last post on this bill gives background links, bill history, summaries, example letters, and further background on the bill in general, which is all still applicable for further information and rationale for supporting the bill:

That post was written after the the Bill passed the Senate floor (unanimously!!) and had moved to the House for it’s Hearing, which occurred today, attended by Co-author Dan Boeholt, advocate Faith Rimirez, and a heartening number of devoted Washington Lyme patients and advocates.

**Comments will still be accepted until the Bill goes into Executive Session vote, either Tues. March 24th at 8am or Wed. March 25th at 1:30.

There are example emails in the post from Washington patient Kristine Moden and myself, as well as templates for friends and family to choose from in addition to the following.

Highly Generic Letter (Suited to Friends/Family/Anyone)

Chair Cody and Committee,

Please support Lyme Bill SB 5448 Recognizing Chronic Lyme Disease.  [Optional:] I have seen first-hand the difficulties in diagnosing and treating this illness through the experiences of my [friend/loved] and the hardship an unnecessary suffering caused by the lack of access to adequate care.

Misdiagnosis and inadequate treatment options currently lead to delayed and inadequate care and, in many cases, permanent damage, disability, or even death.  Many aspects of treatment are poorly understood or poorly acknowledged by most physicians, and permitted treatment options under current guidelines are dangerously limited, as are medical practitioners with specific knowledge and experience in the treatment of Lyme Disease and the many complicating factors and coinfections that accompany it.  Those practitioners with specific knowledge and experience need to be allowed to treat their patients using effective and adaptive tools of appropriate duration.

Please do all you can to support this legislation and to provide for the needs of Chronic Lyme Disease Patients.

Thank You,


More at Ticked Off On Lyme WA’s Facebook page.

Video of Hearing: Beginning just before 38 minute mark, ending at 53 minutes


From Substitute Bill Report, March 3 (Current)

Summary of Substitute Bill: The Medical Quality Assurance Commission (MQAC) must do a study of the effects of long-term antibiotic therapy on patients who have been diagnosed with posttreatment Lyme disease syndrome. The study must include a review ofthe following: Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ

  • the antibiotics that are commonly involved in long-term treatment of Lyme disease;
  • the side effects associated with long-term antibiotic therapy;
  • the effectiveness of long-term antibiotic therapy of controlling symptoms;
  • whether allowing the practice of long-term antibiotic therapy would be beneficial to the health and safety of Washington residents;
  • and any other aspects deemed important for the health and safety of patients who may receive these treatments.

One comment on “Reminder/Request ~ Email WA Health Care Committee (Supporting Chronic Lyme Bill SB 5448)

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