PostStar Link ~ Must Read Commentary by Holly Ahern


Commentary: Diagnosis, treatment of Lyme Disease controversial

May 24, 2015

As an advocacy organization, Lyme Action Network (of which I am co-founder) does not “support” medical guidelines. LAN does, however, support the rights of patients to be advised that there is more than one evidence-based, medically recognized standard of care for Lyme disease, and that they have the right to participate in decisions pertaining to their (or their children’s) medical care. LAN also strongly advocates for a Congressional investigation of past and present CDC and NIH practices, which permit the IDSA guidelines to overly influence national health care policy on Lyme disease.


3 comments on “PostStar Link ~ Must Read Commentary by Holly Ahern

  1. I have a 14 yr old daughter. She had bellspalsy two years ago. She then tested positive for Lyme disease. The pediatrician put her on antibiotics for three weeks and said she is cured. For the last two years, I have taken her numerous times to three different pediatricians, all of them say she is fine. She is not fine. She can’t even go to funtown because her back and knees hurt so much. She can’t hang out with friends very much, because she needs to come home and sleep. It doesn’t matter how fun or positive the activity,she can’t finish it. I need guidance please helpe be the advocate for my daughter, no doctor will listen to me.
    Thank you, A mom desperate to help her daughter

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