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Lyme Disease Challenge Updates ~ My Kids’ On-going Challenges

We challenged all of our families and friends and then some in smaller groups.  For all of the fun and surprising responses we’ve gotten in the celebrity world (which was not a part of all this we were expecting) the friends and family side has been a bit slow.  Very sweet responses, but only a few.  Making each all the more special.

I’ll write more about the celebrity responses and twitter and facebook responses that have blown us away and just been all around neat.  But in the mean time, here are the ones that my kids still have outstanding to celebrities, plus their originals, newest to oldest.

Christopher was excited from before the beginning to challenge Evantube, Tobuscus, and Kid President. Read more here.

Katie’s challenge included groups of friends, one of which did it with her shortly after her video.  They challenged Taylor Swift, The Today Show, multiple teachers and friends, and Fallout Boy.

Christopher did an instructional video and an outtake early on as well.


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