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#ChrisBitesLyme ~ Enderswordman ~ Christopher #LymeDiseaseChallenge’d Tobuscus, Kid President, and EvanTube

Christopher was almost ready for the Lyme Disease Challenge to start March 1 (www.lymediseasechallenge.org).  He made two videos in advance to give instructions, but then got sick.  Then I got sick.   His sister got her video done, so she could challenge some friends early on. Then the challenge started and a number of Lyme Bills got rolling in multiple states and IDSA opened a comment period, so I was exhausted and sick and it took us forever to do our challenge together (but we finally, recently did).

Back in January, Christopher’s teacher emailed me his New Year’s resolution to start a  Youtube channel, partly for raising Lyme awareness (and funding for Lyme disease).  It’s going to be a gaming channel (but he only has a tablet, which is currently not entirely working, so that is going to be a challenge….but he knows a lot about games, largely from watching two of the three channels he has challenged).


He and his sister have been quoting Toby aka Tobuscus for quite some time.  They have wanted to make movies together, largely inspired by Tobuscus.  I’ve watched some of his videos, and his musical parodies are hilarious.


I’d be embarrassed if anyone could track the number of hours my son has spent watching EvanTube.  But I can let him watch game videos there and know they are safe.  Evan is also nine and in the third grade.

Kid President/Soul Pancake

I saw a video once that he did about moms, and I couldn’t stop giggling.  So I knew of him already when my kids started talking about him.  Christopher’s class watches Soul Pancake every Thursday in class.

I’ll add links to their stuff at some point, but not right now, as it’s Spring Break and we are all in one place at the same time!!!!


One comment on “#ChrisBitesLyme ~ Enderswordman ~ Christopher #LymeDiseaseChallenge’d Tobuscus, Kid President, and EvanTube

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