My Son’s New Year’s Resolution for Lyme Awareness

IMG_7137My son’s teacher took the time to type and email my son’s resolution from a project in class, and it truly melts my heart.  It’s certainly not easy for either of my kids to have a mom with Lyme disease.

Christopher’s Resolution ~ (9 years old, 3rd grade)

My New Year’s resolution is to finally become a youtuber so I can earn money for me and my family.  And to raise awareness of Lyme disease.  I will start off doing blog videos and as I earn money I will use 99% of it to raise awareness of Lyme disease.  The other part of it to buy games and gaming consoles.  Doing this is so important to me because (one) Lyme is a serious cause (two) My mom Angela Daenzer (D-e-nzer) has Lyme and the stupid C.D.C. says “we don’t have Lyme in Montana.”  So my mom had it for three years and didn’t get treated.  She had to leave her job cause she was to sick!  Stupid farting C.D.C.!


5 comments on “My Son’s New Year’s Resolution for Lyme Awareness

  1. Couldn’t have said it better! Your son writes very well, takes after his mom. 🙂


  2. […] posted in early 2015 about about Christopher’s New Year’s Resolution, as emailed to me by his third grade teacher, to raise awareness for Lyme Disease through a gaming […]


  3. […] in January, Christopher’s teacher emailed me his New Year’s resolution to start a  Youtube channel, partly for raising Lyme awareness (and funding for Lyme disease). […]


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