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Christopher’s Videos About the Lyme Disease Challenge (ChrisBitesLyme)

I posted in early 2015 about about Christopher’s New Year’s Resolution, as emailed to me by his third grade teacher, to raise awareness for Lyme Disease through a gaming channel he plans to start on YouTube.  He also, very sweetly, planned to donate 99% of his profits to Lyme Disease awareness, using the other 1% to buy the gaming equipment he would use to write reviews.

He will be combining his resolution with his participation in the Lyme Disease Challenge 2015 and is very excited.  Below are his first video (explaining the challenge), and also an outtake clip (he got very detailed, and bit political, in his first take of the video, so some parts needed to come out for now).

Recent posts and a resource page explain the Challenge in greater detail, but Christopher’s video gives a good overview of the steps and intent of the Lyme Disease Challenge 2015.

He was pretty tired after two run-through’s, so we pasted the two together.  Any more than that and it would have stopped being fun.

He was hoping to have a channel of his own by the start of the campaign, but we are still researching the proper and most safe way to make that happen. Plus, he’s had a stomach bug since making these first two videos, below.  He also doesn’t actually have video games, other than what he can play on his tablet, so he’ll also have to figure out how to make the most of it!


One comment on “Christopher’s Videos About the Lyme Disease Challenge (ChrisBitesLyme)

  1. […] ready for the Lyme Disease Challenge to start March 1 (www.lymediseasechallenge.org).  He made two videos in advance to give instructions, but then got sick.  Then I got sick.   His sister got her video done, so […]


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