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Lyme Ribbons 2016 announced today: join, share, and stay tuned!

Today the organizers of Lyme Ribbons 2015 officially announced Lyme Ribbons 2016.  You can read the full announcement The Lyme Wire or by joining the brand new Lyme Ribbons 2016 Facebook group.

“As 2016 gets moving along, it’s time to do it all again! This year, there will be several fun and different awareness items, as well as official ribbons for sale (by popular request).  Proceeds will be split between helping get Samantha May to the Mayo Clinic and getting the Ribbons team to the Mayday Protest again this year.”


Join the Lyme Ribbons 2016 facebook group and watch for additional ways to participate and share.


Another announcement from the 2015 organizers is one I’m particularly happy about, as they have graciously added me to their team this year.  I am extremely fond and proud of both these ladies and very happy to be helping them this year.

By the end of May 2015, the campaign reached 10,000 participants across social media. Donated ribbons were mailed out to fifty people who were unable to get to a store to purchase them. Thanks to our amazing participants, new levels of community involvement were reached in some of the hardest hit areas of the world.  Samantha May and Heather Haynes, the event organizers, were also able to travel to Arlington, Virginia to the Mayday Protest to hand out ribbons and represent over 1000 patients who were not able to attend.



Left to right: Angela Daenzer (me), Heather Haynes, Samantha May. Captioned: “We are proudd to announce that Angela Daenzer has joined our team this year!”


As mentioned in the Lyme Ribbons 2016 announcement (see earlier links), there were numerous requests to purchase ribbons last year, so this year ribbons will be up for sale (starting to day, and purchases have already begun).


Samantha May today, being goofy, packing up ribbons for this year!

There will be a number of additional links and announcements in the coming days and weeks, so please share and stay tuned via any or all of the following platforms. As of this posting, the facebook group was opened up a little over twelve hours ago, and we have so far welcomed our first 268 members.

Stay tuned!

2016 Event (Group):

To donate or purchase items:

Check out Lyme Ribbons (@TheLymeWire): https://twitter.com/TheLymeWire?s=09


2015 Event Page:





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