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Tweeting the Surgeon General for #NPHW ~ Kudos to Patients for Great Questions

It took more energy than I had to submit what I could for IDSA’s comment period on it’s final day.  It was not an easy process, and I am still exhausted and recovering.

So many things happened yesterday that the events will likely spill into multiple posts and will be things we remember for a long time to come.

As for the surgeon general, there was invitation to tweet questions by 2:30 ET yesterday with the hashtags #AskTheSurgeonGeneral and #NPHW.

In spite of the many, many excited and/or pressing things happening in the Lyme community yesterday (not the least of which being a Lyme Disease Challenge, Lyme disease, and Avril Lavine segment on the Dr. Oz show, an impressive number of Lyme patients and advocates took the time to ask good questions and support each others efforts.

Initial questions from us and others got a little buried and tended not to use the hashtags.  But there were some good questions in advance all the same.

Preliminary Questions ~ Link


I thought it was worth sharing a few of the tweets here, and very worth sharing some of the photos and graphics.  I may add on as time permits, especially if I figure out the best way to display them.


Search #AskTheSurgeonGeneral on Twitter To See More

Disappointing Tweet From a Public Servant Identfifying His Affiliation

As a former Wildland Firefighter, former EMT, and as the spouse of a professional Firefighter/Paramedic, I’m pretty disappointed in this guy.  And hurt, to be honest.  Not becoming on a national forum, as a med student or an emergency worker.



One comment on “Tweeting the Surgeon General for #NPHW ~ Kudos to Patients for Great Questions

  1. […] Tweeting the Surgeon General for #NPHW ~ Kudos to Patients for Great Questions […]


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