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Use of Best Available Current Science Would Lead to Appropriate Diagnosis and Care

There will be numerous posts on this topic, as it is the primary obstacle to proper care for Lyme patients.  Inadequate guidelines authored by IDSA and published/supported by CDC are causing misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis, delayed care, inadequate care, and permanent disability or death for thousands and thousands of the millions of people who have contracted Lyme disease.

There will also be numerous mentions of the documentary Under Our Skin and it’s sequel Emergence.  But as a brief intro to this topic, here is an excerpt from the former and the trailer for the (recently released) latter.


As a side note, several of my photos on my Facebook page (Invisibly Lyme Montana) and on this site (including this article) closely resemble scenes in the recently released documentary (sequel) trailer for Emergence.   I seem to have chosen many of the same subjects from similar angles at the San Francisco rally as the film crew.  I do vaguely remember trying to stay out of their way a couple of times (not knowing who they were), because I was resting on a pole in the back.  So I am actually “in” a few scenes in the trailer, except not visibly, because I’m crouching down out of site resting on that pole.  When the scenes look similar, I am behind the shot, or just coincidentally inspired by the same toddlers and signs.

So this is partly a disclaimer regarding the similarity in the pictures and partly patting myself on the back for having photos I’m pretty happy with, given how hot and tired I was that day (and on medications not compatible with standing in the sun).  Maybe if I look harder I will see a leg or a shoe that is mine.


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