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CDC Youtube Video NEEDS Comments

My comment is posted following the video.  Please visit, give it a thumbs down and tell them what you think. My comment: I was told my Bell’s palsy was definitely a coincidence, and not related to the tick bite I’d gotten at work (with my federal employer) a month earlier. The reason that doctors insisted […]

Lyme Disease U.S. Postage Stamp Could Become Reality ~ Letters Needed

Lyme Disease U.S. Postage Stamp Could Become Reality ~ Letters Needed

The National Stamp Advisory Committee is willing to consider a Lyme Awareness Stamp if enough national interest is received.  You can help with the (updated) letter templates and options provided here, or via groups noted in this post. In November 2014, the leader of a support group called Lyme Disease Eugene Oregon, Deb (‘Dive GirlDeb’ on […]

Lyme Disease Articles on Hub Pages ~ First Two

Hub Pages (a writing website) kindly added a Lyme Disease Topic in their Health section.  One of the author’s whose work I’d been reading was in Philadelphia, but hadn’t put it together until after sharing some of her work on Facebook.  I have photos of both of us holding up/carrying the same sign.  We met […]

“Recent” Tick Science From 1909, Revised in 1949 (Then Apparently Forgotten)

Until at least 1949, only soft bodied ticks were considered to carry the spirochetes later learned to be associated with Lyme disease.  Later it was found that hard bodied ticks carried them also, but I’m at a loss as to how it was forgotten that they also were carried by soft bodied ticks. For the […]

Debby Jo’s Letter ~ 1,000 Letters Campaign

This is another patient’s letter from the 1,000 Letters Lyme Campaign, posted with permission. See also Kristine’s Letter, Heather’s Letter, My Letter, the 1,000 Letters tab under ‘On-going Campaigns’ or find the group on facebook (The 1,000 Letters Lyme Campaign) to request membership (you can participate without being on facebook).  More stories will be published over time, […]

“Hope and Healing with Lyme Disease” ~ Riley’s Story (Video to Share)

“So whatever we’re in in the moment, sometimes it’s hard to imagine what’s coming….” ~Riley’s Mother, towards the end of the video

Dana’s (Video) Story ~ Sound Familiar?

“Courage isn’t having the strength to go on…it’s going on when you don’t have the strength.” This is the face of courage and hope! (Posted with permission…..scroll down AFTER you watch the video for something you will be very happy to know)