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En Route to Philadelphia ~ Lyme Activists Target IDSA Conference

I will be joining Lyme disease patients from around the country tomorrow (Friday, Oct. 10) in Philadelphia for a candle light vigil outside the IDWeek Medical Conference and a peaceful protest outside the conference the following day (Saturday, Oct. 11, my husband’s 40th birthday).  Per the MayDay Project’s event Facebook page:

We are calling on IDSA to update its guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease to reflect the current state of science and improved standards for patient care. We demand an end to the conflicts of interest by researchers who create guidelines that discourage doctors from providing the best standard of care.

I’ll have another post following this one with more information on the two events and WHO YOU CAN CONTACT FROM HOME to request coverage of the event.  In the mean time, check for the same info on the facebook page linked above, and in the press release.

I posted when I began this newer blog that I was hoping to make the New York Vigil, but I ended up to ill to attend.  And there were to many things going on at both kids schools that week.

I am ill this week also.  But a nudge from a couple of Lymies on facebook, and then a huge nudge from my husband and kids got me looking at how to make it happen.  Even though Saturday is my husband’s birthday.  I’d have more to say about them if I weren’t fading so fast.

We can fly for free, so that’s a huge reason to try.  A place to stay was harder, but the organizers (take a look at the facebook page and you’ll see who they are, plus other very active folks) helped outreach and all told I had at least six people willing to help so far.

As of Thursday night, I am in Minneapolis and hope to reach Philadelphia tomorrow.

Updates and foibles have been and will be posted on my Lyme page on facebook ~ Invisibly Lyme Montana.


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