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Lime Lives in Montana ~ Help Doctors Help Patients!

Awareness and education specific to Montana is the primary purpose of this blog.  But all Lyme patients benefit from education and outreach, and resources pertaining to states that don’t acknowledge Lyme tend to be pretty applicable in other states in the same boat. There’s no end to the stories of loss and pain brought about […]


Why is Two-Tiered Lyme Disease Testing Still in Use? Check Out This POLICYWONK Article diagram, full size below Please take a moment to read the article I’m leading into here, and if your time is perhaps too short to read until we get there, please scroll directly down to the article link.  At the very least, you need to save this one for later.  (And/or share it with […]

Use of Best Available Current Science Would Lead to Appropriate Diagnosis and Care

There will be numerous posts on this topic, as it is the primary obstacle to proper care for Lyme patients.  Inadequate guidelines authored by IDSA and published/supported by CDC are causing misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis, delayed care, inadequate care, and permanent disability or death for thousands and thousands of the millions of people who have contracted […]