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CDC Youtube Video NEEDS Comments

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My comment:

I was told my Bell’s palsy was definitely a coincidence, and not related to the tick bite I’d gotten at work (with my federal employer) a month earlier.

The reason that doctors insisted it was a coincidence was that I live in a state not considered Lyme endemic.  They stated that because there were no cases documented yet in our state (that were not “contracted elsewhere”) and that we “don’t have deer ticks here” that it is “physically impossible to get Lyme here”.  I was then told that my brand new Chronic Fatigue syndrom, orthostatic hypotension, IBS, and other new ‘illnesses’ were all coincidental to each other and the tick.  It is DANGEROUS that doctors think this way.
Lyme is present in my state, considerable recent survey effort would be needed to support the idea that we don’t have deer ticks here (as a federal biologist I have a hard time accepting that medical doctors can state this without needing or caring about evidence), and multiple species of ticks can transmit Lyme disease to humans.

The CDC supports outdated treatment guidelines and continues to mislead doctors, who don’t realize they are wrongly using surveillance criteria in place of diagnostic criteria and wrongly excluding Lyme based on inaccurate geographic assumptions, outdated science, and a horribly inaccurate and misguided tiered testing strategy.

Doctors are misinformed about Lyme and are threatened with legal action if they choose to treat appropriately.  Even testing is limited by protocols, leading to at least approximately 270,000 undiagnosed NEW cases per year, by the CDC’s own estimation.

My life will never be the same (you can read more of my story and others at http://www.invisblylymemontana.com).   I cannot overstate this.  I loved every aspect of my life and miss it terribly.  The CDC’s mandate requires that it remedy the information gaps that took my life away—my career, our life savings, and four years of my kids’ childhoods so far.  This video represents several missing steps between their current denial of lyme, and a time and place where chronic lyme would be overdiagnosed.  So many questions are irresponsibly unanswered that this video directly misleads the public and doctors.  This is absolutely unconscionable.

If other agencies are required to demonstrate consideration of best available science, why is the CDC excused from even mentioning it, letting alone considering it?

When it comes to mission and mandates, this article makes several very good points: http://nypost.com/2015/01/14/disease-uncontrolled-swift-decline-of-the-cdc/


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