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Recent Article, 1,000 Letters Campaign, Lyme Bill, and Social Media Updates

There’s too much happening right now to write about very much of it.  I drove cross country last month to bring home our new car (a hail damaged car we drove back from Virginia, more here).  I’m fairly tired, having returned home just before the start of school.  It was a long trip due to health limitations, but we also encountered some pretty exciting weather along the way that slowed us down.

As the kids have started school, I’ve been resting.  But I’ve been distracted from my resting by Lyme activism needs that are popping up all over the place.

The first was the 1,000 Letter campaign.  I couldn’t write my letter until after Labor Day, as we added a camping trip to our busy-ness. I had trouble getting started, but also wrote an article to help get some of it down to a manageable starting point.  I had to take smaller pieces in both the article and the letter.  Meaning there’s an awful lot I still feel in a hurry to get down.

This is particularly the case with H.R. 4071 going before the house with the next day or two (bill link here). I wrote an email to my congressman, which I already need to follow up on with some more specific requests.  There was some great feedback on facebook that I hope to retrieve and post here.

But these links are a decent starting point, with so many balls in the air right now.  All of these efforts need your help, Lymies or lyme supporters.  Please click, read, and type away.


Social Media

Invisibly Lyme Montana  My facebook page, similar links as this post plus general recent shares

The 1,000 Letters Lyme Campaign Closed group, but you can request membership and don’t have to have lyme to participate.

 This is a grassroots campaign to raise awareness about Lyme disease and other vector-borne illnesses. Our goal is to educate health-care practitioners and politicians alike by sending them so many informative letters and articles that they can’t help but take notice.

Under Our Skin Emergence trailer posted! (Sequel to Under Our Skin)

 H.R. 4071 Lyme Bill

Lymedisease.org article  Links to contacting congressman and additional resources

Lyme Disease Association Article Updates from earlier in the summer, more info/background

Hub Pages Articles and Lyme Category

My Lyme Articles So Far

Hub Pages Category

Lyme Disease New category; I asked recently and they were extremely responsive; multiple useful Lyme articles there

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