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Today Show Lyme Disease Challenge ~ History and Links

The Today Show was challenged the first day of the challenge (see below) and has received additional challenges along the way.  Additionally, Matt Lauer requested ideas for getting even with Ellen on March 5th (see below) and two of our organizers will be in NYC and attending the show on March 9th (yep, more below).

Short Term Need: Make sure they are seen on Monday, March 9 ~ GOAL MET! ~ See Sep. Page

Long Term Need: Make sure they notice (done/started) and respond to the challenge (Matt Lauer told Melissa Bell at the show on 3/9, see page)

In general, please like/share posts on the Today Show’s facebook page and tweet away.  Consider your own challenge to them directly, get creative, and keep plugging away.

Catch up list for Today Show Challenge posts on Facebook:

March 1 challenge from Syl Reisman http://goo.gl/31an7F

Follow up post from Angela http://goo.gl/H3YaGi

Challenge from Alei http://goo.gl/AJ5j68

Matt Lauer versus Ellen request http://goo.gl/9pDjSO

Melissa will be in NYC Monday http://goo.gl/AJ5j68

Watch for Melissa and her girls Monday http://goo.gl/5Zz0aN

Challenge from Montana Teens http://goo.gl/4fOq43

Post from Bee  http://goo.gl/mvYPvB



General Timeline so far:

3/1 Day One of Challenge and posting of Syl Reisman’s challenge on Facebook

3/2 Sharing frenzy 60 to 360 likes on original

3/3-4 Sharing, commenting, new challenges

3/5 Matt Lauer requested ideas for getting even with Ellen

  • Organizer Melissa Ferwerda Bell said she’d be in NYC Monday with her girls and organizer Lisa Kilion
  • Four out of five organizers said they could make it if Today Show jumped and booked them for Monday
  • We tweeted and posted that Matt should challenge Ellen and book Melissa et. al to help him on Monday

3/6 Organizer Melissa Ferwerda Bell challenged Matt Lauer, Al Roker, Savannah Guthrie, and others to do the challenge Monday 3/9

  • We tweeted and posted Melissa’s picture so they can watch for her Monday in the crowd and accept the challenge

3/7 We have two days to make sure Melissa and Lisa are seen on Monday!

  • We need to keep tweeting and sharing!
  • Syl Reisman is asking to keep liking the original challenge post!

3/8 Lots of tweeting and posting asking the Today Show and individual hosts challenged to accept (see 3/9 Page for links and a run down)

3/9 Melissa and Rachel were on camera and got tot talk to Matt and Al, and Matt said he couldn’t do the challenge that day, but that he would.  See the 3/9 page linked above, and:

  • Melissa’s post on her Florida Lyme group Facebook page
  • My post on Invisibly Lyme Montana Facebook page

3/10 Check twitter, http://www.lymedisease.org, and the Challenge Facebook page for updates, if applicable…..I’m exhausted!  Also see today’s blog on WA Bill (needs letters) and posts on that and Oregon’s call to action.  Also look for the announcement of a 30 day comment period form IDSA on the process for re-evaluating treatment guidelines!!!!!  You may have to google it….if you see a link right here or anywere on this page, yay me, otherwise and also, go to the MayDayProject’s website or facebook page for details regarding a webinar tonight…..stay tuned….


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