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Today Show Links for March 9

(Unofficial) Today Show Related GOALS by Monday March 9:

  1. Get Melissa Bell and Lisa Kilion (2 of our organizers) noticed in the crowd on Monday’s show (should be more than reasonable!)
  2. Get the staff Melissa challenged to accept on Monday (since she/they will be there)
  3. Increase likes on the original (March 1) challenge to the Today Show from Syl Reisman on their Facebook page (to show them we’re interested and numerous)
  4. Increase the staff/producers pre-knowledge of the challenge and Melissa/Lisa’s presence for Monday in any ways you think of (sharing Jenny’s video, see ideas at end of post)
  5. Get Melissa and Lisa booked on the Today Show (this was an older goal, more feasible last week, if at all, but why not hope?)

*If you only have time for one thing, retweet her challenges to each host.  I may post a ‘power tweet’ later that attempts to kill all birds with one tweet (no pun intended)….

Here are some with photos from the wax museum:

10689513_10205208350322691_1389710995492161542_n 11050199_10205208352042734_1473535400246014501_n

Newest/Summary Post to their FB page, just added:

https://www.facebook.com/today/posts/10205872549910902  (shortlink: http://goo.gl/2YbzAt)

And a tweet linking to it: https://twitter.com/InvisiblyLymeMT/status/574651568139579392

This page contains lists of links to the Today Show posts so far and some of the important tweets (Melissa’s challenge in particular).

*Catch up links at end and more background on the Today Show Challenge History & Links Page; more links for the challenge on the Links Page.

General, Unrefined Suggested Twitter Goals:

Show the Today Show producers and staff Melissa and Lisa’s faces and emphasize Melissa’s challenge and our on-going challenge to get them noticed Monday.

  1. Retweet Melissa Bell Challenge (matt lauer, al roker, savannah, k.giff…..)
  2. Let the person know organizers Melissa/Lisa will be there Mon (ex. Link provided, links to fb post)
  3. Follow up with more to each of them
    1. Example–Did they know they’ve also been challenged by Montana teens
    2. Hundreds more have shown support already (could link to original challenge)
    3. Tweet them about who has accepted so far (Yolanda Foster, Angeli Vanlaanen) with note to watch for them Monday or link to a fb post that tells them to

Melissa’s Challenge for 3/9 to Retweet

@MLauer  https://twitter.com/LymeChallenge/status/573855257601667073

@klgandhoda  https://twitter.com/LymeChallenge/status/573857475335733248

@KathieLGifford  https://twitter.com/LymeChallenge/status/573857102193684480

@alroker  https://twitter.com/LymeChallenge/status/573855656354123777

@hodakotb  https://twitter.com/LymeChallenge/status/573856747594608640

@SavannahGuthrie https://twitter.com/LymeChallenge/status/573856264305917952

Follow up tweets about Monday (examples)

Example, with link below it:

@SavannahGuthrie heads up! Your #lymediseasechallenge‘rs will be in NYC this Monday! http://goo.gl/5Zz0aN 

Savannah https://twitter.com/InvisiblyLymeMT/status/573862951288893440

@SavannahGuthrie did you know that you were also #lymediseasechallenge‘d by teens in Montana? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CT_86NPe33o … http://goo.gl/5Zz0aN 

Savannah MT teens example:  https://twitter.com/InvisiblyLymeMT/status/573863677775900673

Al follow up re. Monday:  https://twitter.com/InvisiblyLymeMT/status/573965618199703552

Other tweets leading up to Monday:

Tweet, watch for Melissa: https://twitter.com/InvisiblyLymeMT/status/573622688574390272

Tweet, three more team members: https://twitter.com/InvisiblyLymeMT/status/573629569653067776

Catch up List for Today Show from FB:

March 1 challenge from Syl http://goo.gl/31an7F

Follow up post from Angela http://goo.gl/H3YaGi

Challenge from Alei http://goo.gl/V3PoZp

Matt Lauer versus Ellen request http://goo.gl/9pDjSO

Melissa will be in NYC Monday http://goo.gl/AJ5j68

Watch for Melissa and her girls Monday http://goo.gl/5Zz0aN

Crazy Crew to today show https://www.facebook.com/today/posts/10205852419847663

Bee Ryal today show  http://goo.gl/KYWuoK


 Jenny’s Video

This video is very well done and would be very useful to tweet and post toward the today show and individual hosts to grab their attention.  Though I think it is also good to include a link that shows them Melissa and the girls, or their profiles on the website, or something like that.


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