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Lymedisease.org Needs Survey Answers ~ Potential FDA Lyme Testing Regulation Changes

This did not take long to complete and is an opportunity to have your information, concerns, and situation represented. The more people that answer, the larger the sample size and the more meaningful and representative this information will be.

As an example, their past survey regarding Lyme patient quality of life had over 5,000 respondents, making meaningful, robust statements possible from the collected data.

Please read their article and take the Lymedisease.com survey here.

Please share on facebook and elsewhere to spread the word as quickly as possible and help emphasize the importance of responding and the importance of having a high number of respondents.

You can also share the Facebook posts already in circulation from Under Our Skin and Lymedisease.org.

They have received 2,000 answers so far, which does not lessen the need for more responses.  It stresses the need to keep momentum going toward meeting the highest number of responses possible as quickly as possible.  Doubling that number (or tripling it) strengthens the value of all of our answers (statistically in terms of the statements we can make and the value of the data, and also in the simpler form of greater impact on those we seek to reach by representing a large number of opinions).

Not on facebook?

Here’s a short link for twitter ~ http://goo.gl/J5jZ8b

And you can sign up for email alerts/newsletters from Lymedisease.org in order to receive up to date information when things like this (such as HR 4701) come up.


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