Letters To Strangers for Arlington MayDay Rally ~ Request Via Sheila Bush Can Also Benefit NorthernRockiesLyme.org

Sheila’s request is posted below and was also shared with The 1,000 Letters Lyme Campaign and in additional Facebook groups in recent days.  So take note that if you remember seeing something like this already, it was most likely this request.

The intent is for the letters to be handed out at The MayDay Project’s Protest/Rally in Arlington (more info here and on their website) in order to illustrate the points and questions described in Sheila’s post, included below.

Take a look at the recent request for Shoes for the protest as well (also see end of post) and information about the event (and why you should attend) and also watch for updates.

Local/Regional Need for Letters (TWO FOR ONE!) ~ Northern Rockies

An added benefit is that if you live in or were bitten in the Northern Rocky Mountains (broadly including MONTANA, WYOMING, IDAHO, NORTH DAKOTA, SOUTH DAKOTA, CANADA) your letter would be very valuable for the Stories section of Northern Rockies Lyme Disease Coalition’s new website (that I am still constructing).

We are very new (Facebook page here), and plan to launch May.  But you can preview the site and get ready to help us share our first announcements startomg Wednesday, April 15.

If you are not part of this region, we still want and need your help, so please stay tuned!

In-Region Letters (Contracted Lyme Here and/or Living With Lyme Here)

If you are willing to share your letter for the site, you can email it to northernrockieslyme@gmail.com and I have arranged to bring them to Sheila at the rally. You can also send them via facebook message (Invisibly Lyme Montana Page or brand new Northern Rockies Lyme Disease Coalition Page), or even as a comment here or on NorthernRockiesLyme.org.

If you would like to share your letter after the fact, we are happy to receive them, but to have them printed for the rally through me, they will need to be recieved on or before April 27 and to follow the request from Sheila below.

Sheila’s Request

Everybody, we need as many of you as possible to *write a letter to a stranger walking down the street* for the Mayday Rally. If you had the opportunity to tell a complete stranger what Lyme disease has done to your life, what would you say? This is your chance to help educate the public about Lyme disease.

We’re going to be putting our letters into sealed envelopes and then having passersby at the Mayday Rally reach into a bin and pull one out! This is a more intimate way of communicating what you’ve endured. Please include only your first name, your city, state and age and then share as much as you can about your Lyme disease journey. I personally will be including my Lyme journey poster with my letter.

Some questions you could answer in your letter:

*How long have you been sick?
*What were/are your symptoms?
*How long did it take to get a proper diagnosis?
*How many doctors did you have to see to get that diagnosis?
*What were your misdiagnoses?
*Is treatment helping you?
*Is it covered by insurance?
*What has Lyme disease cost you (hobbies, dreams, career, etc.)?

Feel free to paint your recipient a picture of what your life was like BEFORE Lyme and what it’s like AFTER. Please PM your letters to me (send me a friend request first so it does’t go in my “other folder”). I wish I’d had this idea two months ago, but I didn’t so we have to act quickly if we hope to get a lot of letters to the rally. ALL OF YOU ARE WELCOME TO WRITE, WHETHER YOU’LL BE ATTENDING MAYDAY OR NOT. If you write a letter but aren’t planning on going to the rally, feel free to tell your recipient that you’re not there because you’re too sick or because you’re too broke (or whatever the reason is).




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  1. […] Letters To Strangers for Arlington MayDay Rally ~ Request Via Sheila Bush Can Also Benefit NorthernR… […]


  2. […] Letters To Strangers for Arlington MayDay Rally ~ Request Via Sheila Bush Can Also Benefit NorthernR… […]


  3. […] Write an anonymous letter (to begin to share our stories on this site and as part of the effort to hand out ‘Letters to Strangers’ at the MayDay Rally ~ Read More HERE)! […]


  4. From one human being to another I come to you in love
    I start with one thing because there is so much to say ummmmmmmmmmmmmm (SPIROCHETES)(BACTERIA)(BORRELIA BURGDORFERI )(which I can actually say) LYME DISEASE , CO-INFECTIONS makes it hard to eat period, it screws up your intestines your gut your bowls your life.. This is NOT a joke… I swell up, I break out in hives, to feeling good one minute not knowing what’s going to hit you or when its going to hit you, so much more it would take days to tell you what I go through as so many others do too, I don’t look sick one minute and I look like I’m dying the next, oh so much, it’s not just a pick and chose what u want to talk about, what SUCKS is, you usually don’t know what hit you, some people are so called lucky cause they see the tick they see the bulls eye rash and they get tested positive, ( and the test is inaccurate, you can get false negatives, which Sucks). but no one feels the bite most of the time u don’t even know u got bit, then next thing u know u r dealing with many symptoms, ummmmm your back, your hip, your knees, your sinuses, your teeth, your marriage, your family your friends, then u get told u have arthritis and then its dementia, and depression and then its u need a blood transfusion, and then want to take out your gall bladder, then u have cysts, etc etc etc, so many doctor bills so many different doctors so many specialists and so many surgeries and so many tests where they cant find what’s wrong with you and your medicine cabinet looks like a pharmacy, yep some one is banking money, but all that will NOT help you… That’s right u get sicker as they get richer… But after all that… U will find yourself searching for
    answers cause your pain is real, oh I forgot all the ER visits, they look at u
    and say nothing’s wrong… Ummm ok.. NOT!!! I tuned back the hands of time and went back to old medicine.. Yep like back in the 1800’s…
    I now run the facebook page Lyme disease Awareness Minnesota… I want to bring awareness to all the people that have no idea of this horrific disease… I also run the Park Rapids Lyme disease support group to help educate others like telling them what I feel like and one thing that pops in my mind is, It’s like screaming in a coffin six feet under and no one is listening or can feel this horrific pain… Well I’m a fighter and I will help direct anyone I can at anytime to get their life back… .okay!!! here is my story, I’ve gained over 20 pounds, I am hypothyroid and I do take synthroid, I just had my T levels checked recently. The normal blood test is and hasn’t been reliable, its a special test that needs to be done by an endodoctrin a vajaja specialist, excuse my spelling cause LYME SUCKS, I don’t understand me either lol. yes my meds have been changed cause I’m constantly changing, I am 5 feet and weigh too much, I gained weight just looking at food, which I cant eat much anyway. I too have intestinal problems , I drink water and my tummy blows up like a balloon. buttttt since I now have a rife machine and see a naturalpathic and homeopathic doctor and a llpa, and a medical doctor who now after 8 years of original nymph tick bite, tells me she is so sorry that she did not know what I was facing. She had to learn about this disease through her friend that is dealing with it so with all this help, I am better, the best thing or things that has helped me is: detoxing in a sauna, Epsom baths for 45 minutes with essential oils, eating differently, no sugar, no gluten, no wheat, no flour ,I also have a diffuser running with thieves or lemon oil or purification oil to kill the bacteria in the air, that makes me sick. I am fighting this disease and I’m going to win it. God will have the victory. oh and I have learned to let people around me know when I’m done, which means, I’m going into my room, leave me alone…IM IN PAIN and I don’t feel good. I’m not going to talk to people in anger, I don’t want people around me, I get mad at stupid stuff, yep when Lyme hits nothing makes sense and I know its not me its the disease or one of its buddies: co-infection , which ever the spirochete wants to decide to attack cause when it does, something is hurting and brain is not strong enough to fight anymore for that day, if u know what I mean. God has been and will also be here with me on this journey, the best part is that HE will win no matter what ….,u see (spirochetes)bacteria(Borrelia Burgdorferi)which we lymies call LYME DISEASE its easier to put all that under an umbrella, anyway, they will attack whenever whatever it wants even on meds, because its that smart , when u fight that, then it goes to an extreme attack its like losing a constant battle… I’m claiming my victory……. u know just being able to walk again, just being able to enjoy life for a minute to up to 8 hours a day is a blessing. I went from an ADHD person one that would always clean, to a person that could not walk to having good minutes, good hours …… HUMANS we are going to win… if u ever need prayer I’m here for you. 1-714-423-5069, u can call me or
    text me, I have unlimited or u can email me at stampbykor@aol.com or facebook me at KORY AMBRIZ JAMES.. I am so for the rife machine.. its so cool cause I sit in front of it and I can feel the swelling go down right in front of my very eyes…. I use it sometimes three times a day…I also use the CHI machine that runs oxygen through my body. I use many young living essential oils, and their supplements, I hope what I shared has helped at least one person…..and especially who is reading this and you who are in the medical field, please I beg you to research more on all confections which is under the umbrella of what most people know as LYME DISEASE. Thank you and God bless you for actually taking the time to read my letter I am a human being I breathe like you, I have a name it’s Kory James I’m 56 years young, I live in the country here in Minnesota. I want to ask you a question those of you in the medical field:.
    what happened to that Hippocratic oath that you doctors made:
    I swear by Apollo the physician bye Aesculapius, by Hygeia, panacea and all the Gods and goddesses, that according to my ability and judgment I will keep this old and stipulation: to wrecking him who teaches me this art equally dear with my parents to share my substance with him to relieve his necessities if required to look upon his offspring as my own brothers and to teach them this art if they would learn it without fee or stipulation and that by precept lecture and every other mode of instruction I will impart this art to my own sons to those of my teachers and to
    disciples sound by covenant and owes according to the law of medicine I will follow the system of regiment which according to my best judgment I consider Best for my patients and I’m staying from whatever it is ……. I will give no deadly medicine to any…. If …. Nor suggest such counsel with. T and holiness will I pass my life and practice my art into what ever house I enter I will go for the benefit of the sick and will abstain from every voluntary act of mischief and corruption what ever in connection with my professional practice or not in connection with it I may see or hear I will not divulge holding that all such thing shall be kept as sacred secrets. Please consider educating yourself on what we call everything under the umbrella of Lyme. And while I’m writing I want to include a little info on protecting yourself. People usually get Lyme disease from ticks infected with Lyme spirochetes. Most human cases are caused by the nymph form of the tick. Nymphs are about the size of a poppy seed. Because their bite is painless, many people do not realize they have been bitten. But its NOT just ticks anymore its any insect that can carry a disease, the researchers are now realizing that it is transferred through semen and saliva. Please wear tick repellent. Wear something where these insects can not find your body odor, yes it can smell you coming 100 feet away. Yep our bodies put out five things, carbon dioxide, body odor, secrete different scents, yep beware if you have type O blood, no need to worry with type A, they normally don’t like you. And they are also attracted to lactic acid, which comes from what we eat, that’s why I tell people its important to bath daily to wash the bacteria off of our bodies., a couple of more things, they like body heat, and our movement and the color we are and wear makes a difference, so I tell you to mask your bodies with what we call bug repellent, yep bugs hate the smell of citronella oil, so do I, I use tea tree oil everyday, in my everyday use of shampoo and soaps and stuff like that , be careful of the repellent in the stores cause some actually attract the bugs, yep we experienced that on a visit in Colorado. We went to the health food store and bought a so called healthy one which actually attracted the bugs to my daughter, so we took it back. I tell you I do feel like a guinea pig yep I tell people I am my own guinea pig, but its ok if it can save people in the future. I will not get into the bacteria that grows in ones body that attracts bugs after death, that’s a whole other story. This is just another one of my life lessons. For those of you who actually took the time to read this God bless you I AM A VOICE FOR MYSELF AND FOR THOSE THAT CAN NOT SPEAK ANYMORE. I M WOMAN HEAR MY ROAR, I AM A LYME WARRIOR, I AM A LYMEFIGHTING CHICK, I AM A JESUS FREAK, I AM A BIBLE BANGER, I AM A CHRISTIAN, I AM A WIFE, I AM A MOTHER, I AM A DAUGHTER, I AM A SISTER, I AM A COUSIN, I AM AN AUNT, I AM A GRANDMOTHER, I AM A HUMAN BEING I AM KORY AMBRIZ JAMES
    I have a sound mind, I write this with my own fingers and with my own tears, I live this, I feel this as so do millions of others on this 22 day April 2015
    1. Find out you have this disease
    2. Kill these spirochetes
    3. Detox your body
    4, Build up your immune system
    5. DON’T GIVE UP,
    6.LOOK UP yes look up to our Heavenly Father
    Again I say God bless
    Sincerely Kory James


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