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Please Vote for Karen – WLBA

From facebook event page (Please Vote for Karen – WLBA):

30 seconds of your time to submit your vote could help donate $10,000 to the Worldwide Lyme Borreliosis Association. Simply vote for Karen at the below link. PLEASE DONT FORGET TO GO TO YOUR EMAIL and click on the link to “verify” and validate the vote (if you cant see it – check junk folder also)

If you have problems with the page – below is link to the Heritage Page – and you can search for Karen Smith in the nominees (she is in top 10)

More information on the WLBA: The Worldwide Lyme Borreliosis Association (WLBA) is a non for profit organisation that was co-founded by Karen Smith (Australian) and Lisa Hilton (American). Charity status is to be applied for. WLBA has a number of projects / divisions:

1. Connecting support groups for Lyme & other Invisible Illness’ and information around the World.

2. Uniting Worldwide Awareness In May: International Lyme Awareness Month.

3. Red Shoe Day: July 25th Remembrance Day for all those lost to Lyme and Invisible Illness. The first International Red Shoe Day was 2014 – on the 1st anniversary of the passing of Theda Myint. Funds raised go towards raising awareness of Invisible illness and the reality of deaths associated; Sending care packages to carers / families of those lost.

4. Theda’s Foundation: Theda’s Mythical Dream Team. Funds Raised go towards: Developing face to face support networks for patients and carers of those with invisible illness; Develop / build “Theda’s House” in numerous locations. “Theda’s House” being somewhere for patients and caregivers who are requiring support to live/attend.

5. Holiday Seasons Events: Dedicated to connecting patients around the world so that no-one feels alone on the Holiday Season. Includes Holiday Season Wishes, Blanket Forte get-together, and adding a craft group to be able to send children who would otherwise miss out due to cost of illness, Santa Stockings / care package in 2015.

WLBA Website: http://www.worldwidelymeassociation.com/


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