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Reminder & Last Chance: Lymedisease.org FDA Proposed Regulation Survey

Complete the survey immediately to have your answers included in the report, to be compiled this week.

From Lymedisease.org’s facebook page:  249873_368648469897067_322727218_n

More than 7500 people have taken our survey about Lyme testing. Their opinions will be included in a report to the FDA that we are compiling this week. Still time to make your voice heard!

On the value of this and similar surveys, especially as conducted by this group—an excerpt from my previous post:

This did not take long to complete and is an opportunity to have your information, concerns, and situation represented. The more people that answer, the larger the sample size and the more meaningful and representative this information will be.

As an example, their past survey regarding Lyme patient quality of life had over 5,000 respondents, making meaningful, robust statements possible from the collected data.

Please visit their original blog post to read more about proposed FDA Regulation of Lyme testing versus the current situation and to take the survey (right now, today, before you forget):

LYMEPOLICYWONK: FDA Proposed Regulation of Lyme Tests? Take the Survey



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