Applying the “Science” of Gratitude

Gratitude is harder with a chronic illness. Illness takes more away from life than it gives, which gradually and painfully lowers one’s expectations. ¬†Optimism and gratitude can’t reverse this completely, but can help if applied with determination, purpose, and consistency. Research supports this, at least, so I’m hopeful that I will find this to be […]


“Hope and Healing with Lyme Disease” ~ Riley’s Story (Video to Share)

“So whatever we’re in in the moment, sometimes it’s hard to imagine what’s coming….” ~Riley’s Mother, towards the end of the video

Gratitude Post ~ Everything I Wanted

Gratitude Post ~ Everything I Wanted

Before I contracted Lyme disease along the Middle Fork of the Flathead River in northwest Montana, I had everything I wanted. ¬†I had pretty much reached all of the major goals I had set for myself and then some. Not only had I gotten into (and completed) graduate school, but I had done so under […]

The “Funny Parts” of My Bell’s Palsy Story

The “Funny Parts” of My Bell’s Palsy Story

There were a couple of moments during Bell’s palsy that were laughable even during the moment. It’s not a funny condition or a fun experience, but it helped my family and I to be able to laugh about it. We have plenty of pirate references, still, that make us laugh, four years later. If I […]

Success Story ~ Formerly House-Bound Lymie Nathan DeJong Completes Obstacle Race

Just two years ago, Nathan DeJong was confined to his house by Lyme disease. He’s since gone through three pairs of shoes in one year and completed an obstacle race, inspiring hundreds of patients. I am re-posting the contents a Facebook group post here, with permission, because even within the first hour or two posted […]