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Site Construction In Progress ~ Please Stay Tuned!

I have been blogging about Lyme on a blogspot blog since my diagnosis in early 2013.  Funny, it feels longer ago than that.

I’ve realized lately that it would be valuable to have a location that could serve as more of a repository of Montana specific information for networking with patients and for sharing information with representatives.

Writing a letter for the 1,000 Letters campaign recently and a letter for my Congressman regarding H.R. 4701 was a big reminder of this.  There will never be a perfect time, and should the local media ever be interested (or needed) I would probably be too flustered to gather all that I’d want to gather quickly or concisely.

It isn’t easy to sort through a blog for important points, so I don’t feel the old blog serves the purpose well enough.  It served it’s previous purpose during my treatment, which was primarily sorting through and saving information I found important.  Writing also helped me keep up my mental stamina, though working full time, that particular blog may not reflect well on my writing abilities.  But then, that is also a large part of the point…..Lyme leaves no part of you unaffected when it goes untreated for 3.5 years.

There are already extremely high quality websites available with very professional caliber articles and pages published by reputable non-profits.  I will likely quote and link to them here often.  And in many instances, pointing interested parties or readers on other platforms straight to those sites and their resources may be exactly what is needed.

But timing can be everything, and finding resources in and for “non-lyme” states is challenging.  So it is worth it to me to pull resources for our state together here.  And to be ready in case regulators or representatives or physicians want to know more.



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