CDC Youtube Video NEEDS Comments

My comment is posted following the video.  Please visit, give it a thumbs down and tell them what you think. My comment: I was told my Bell’s palsy was definitely a coincidence, and not related to the tick bite I’d gotten at work (with my federal employer) a month earlier. The reason that doctors insisted […]

Mission Confusion ~ CDC Article Link

“The agency has a severe case of mission confusion”.  Cross-posted on Invisibly Lyme Montana facebook page: Disease uncontrolled: Swift decline of the CDC Demonstrating that Lyme diagnosis and care is not the only area where the CDC is off kilt…. I speculate there are serious legal issues (in addition to the profound ethical/moral issues) with the […]

Lyme Disease Articles on Hub Pages ~ First Two

Hub Pages (a writing website) kindly added a Lyme Disease Topic in their Health section.  One of the author’s whose work I’d been reading was in Philadelphia, but hadn’t put it together until after sharing some of her work on Facebook.  I have photos of both of us holding up/carrying the same sign.  We met […]

“Recent” Tick Science From 1909, Revised in 1949 (Then Apparently Forgotten)

Until at least 1949, only soft bodied ticks were considered to carry the spirochetes later learned to be associated with Lyme disease.  Later it was found that hard bodied ticks carried them also, but I’m at a loss as to how it was forgotten that they also were carried by soft bodied ticks. For the […]

Kristine’s Letter ~ 1,000 Letters Lyme Campaign

This is another patient’s letter from the 1,000 Letters Lyme Campaign, posted with permission. See also Heather’s Letter, My Letter, or visit the group on facebook (The 1,000 Letters Lyme Campaign) to request membership (you can participate without being on facebook).  More stories will be published over time, but these are just a few examples of […]

Heather’s Letter ~ Patient Stories Beyond Montana

The following is one of hundreds of letters written so far as part of an awareness campaign, published with the author’s permission. She has since contributed significantly to spreading of other ongoing Lyme campaigns through social media networking and is soon to embark on the next phase of her lyme journey by beginning care with […]

Asking IDSA for Change ~ Video is Up: Lyme Disease IDWeek Protest Philadelphia 2014

Saturday’s protest included Lyme patients and loved ones from across the country, together to ask IDSA to revise guidelines for Lyme disease diagnosis, treatment, and care. Too many patients are misdiagnosed, their care delayed and lives destroyed. IDSA needs to incorporate current available science…