Yolanda Foster Bashing Doctor-Author Forgot To Research Lyme Disease (Part One)


Photo from wn.com article, covered in Part Two (selected because this is approximately how I feel while typing this post)

This is part one (focusing on the science) of a response to a recent article which questioned Real Housewives star Yolanda Foster’s Chronic Lyme Disease diagnosis and claimed that there is “no good evidence” that Chronic Lyme Disease exists.

The author’s inflammatory title, “Real Housewife, Fake Disease” is fairly ironic, given that the doctor writes under a fake name and neglects to disclose any affiliations that would clearly bias his objectivity on the matter of Lyme Disease.

He admitted that Lyme is real, but he went on to infuriate Lyme patients and Foster’s fans by implying that Yolanda Foster likely doesn’t have it and that Chronic Lyme does not exist.

As a ‘physician’ he is entitled to his opinion, but in identifying himself as one, he invited readers to expect a certain degree of professionalism, knowledge, and/or research before implying any degree of certainty about an illness inflicting hundreds of thousands of new patients per year in the U.S. alone.

He technically dodges his responsibilities to this expectation by carefully veiling his statements in grey speculative preambles, no doubt avoiding culpability by implying he is only conveying his ‘grave’ concerns.

Why Lyme Science Is On Yolanda’s Side

He most disappointingly dodges the expectation (and responsibility) noted above by opting not to research even his most basic statements.

Primary among them is the fist sentence of the following paragraph, but every sentence therein is riddled with erroneous, misleading, and outdated information, as well as statements the author is clearly aware are nowhere near as simple as he implies, thus illuminating a great deal of bias:

However, there simply is no good evidence that chronic Lyme disease is an actual medical condition. As I have written before, while some patients may experience symptoms after appropriate treatment for Lyme,  treatment for persistent or recurrent infection has no grounding in legitimate medical science. On this pointthe Centers for Disease Control, the National Institutes of Health, and the Infectious Diseases Society of America are all agreed.

Since alternate information is so very readily available on all of these points, I’m offering some better information on each point.  Some of this took some time to compile (previously), but even in those cases, even a very basic review of medical journals  produces an enormous body of contrary information.

  1. “…there simply is no good evidence that chronic Lyme disease is an actual medical condition.”

    There are hundreds of peer reviewed studies and articles (at least 293 of them so far) that provide evidence of Chronic Lyme and that draw on and add to existing evidence.  The author should be ashamed of this medically, scientifically, and professionally irresponsible statement, but it is also illuminating because it doesn’t come from him directly.

    The New England Pediatrician responsible for this article opts not to share his real name.

    The New England Pediatrician responsible for this article opts not to share his real name.

    This is the often-repeated argument of the entities he names as ‘being in agreement’.  In many cases, it is the entire argument provided, and it is weak at best, negligent and arbitrary at worst.  He opts to point to their agreement, rather than demonstrating in any way, that this body of medical research was all mistakenly published.  Doctor and patient accounts are also part of the body of evidence in support of Chronic Lyme, which are appropriate to consider for this illness in a consistent manner with other illnesses (which is not occurring based on protocols mandated by the entities he names as ‘agreeing’).

  2. “…treatment for persistent or recurrent infection has no grounding in legitimate medical science.”

    This is a very hefty statement to pull out of thin air.  Hundreds of the peer reviewed articles that address Chronic, late stage, advanced, or persistent Lyme also provide direct and indirect evidence of the need for and effectiveness of treatment.  Is the author suggesting it goes away on it’s own?  This is an absurd statement, which would require refuting hundreds of peer reviewed articles, which neither this author nor the entities whose ‘agreement’ seem to be the bulk of his argument, have ever attempted to do.

  3. On this point the Centers for Disease Control, the National Institutes of Health, and the Infectious Diseases Society of America are all agreed.

    These entities agree that there is no evidence of persistent Lyme, despite there being hundreds of studies and peer reviewed articles.  The lack of due diligence to best available science is negligent, if not criminal, based on their federal agency or chartered mandates.  Other science based agencies are required to evaluate relevant science on a topic and address why related sources are found to be irrelevant, if and when that occurs, before claiming to base a decision on available science.  Other agencies routinely are sued and lose based on their failure to do so.  The same should be demanded of NIH and CDC, but in the mean time, no credible medical professional can soundly rest his ‘hat’ on the fact that they have not done so as ‘evidence’ of their position.

In the following paragraphs of the article, the author relies on the 2006 IDSA review panel’s findings that short course antibiotics are the best course for Lyme treatment to make some sort of point.  But that review board was not convened for that purpose, used one study to support that statement (a study that did not evaluate that question appropriately and was the work of one of the members), and did not properly evaluate the remaining hundreds of related studies.

When they reconvened in 2008 to reconsider the 2006 guidelines (as required by a settlement agreement following a Congressional investigation), there were 3,000 pages of evidence (rather than no evidence) challenging their guidelines.

The idea that the occurrence of a related IDSA meeting in 2006 proves anything this author asserts relies entirely on the reader having no awareness of IDSA’s role in Lyme Disease diagnosis and treatment to date and no awareness of the multiple congressional subcommittees convened so far to investigate their impropriety and lack of objectivity.

The idea relies on readers not taking the time to look it up.

There are copious resources available painting a very clear picture of the ridiculousness of such overly simplified, inaccurate statements as the ones made by this author.  As one point of value, however, the author points to (and therefore indirectly helps expose) a number of faulty claims that are currently serving as a very weak foundation for a very weak overall argument against Chronic Lyme.

These types of statements have an enormous emotional impact on us “Lymies” because, although easily refuted, they keep us sick by guiding treatment protocols that are outdated and inadequate.

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16 comments on “Yolanda Foster Bashing Doctor-Author Forgot To Research Lyme Disease (Part One)

  1. GOD BLESS YOU !! My daughter has chronic Lyme Disease so i know what it does too people !!!

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  3. I, foremost, can tell you you can have Chrinic LD your entire life, as I was the first baby diagnosed with LD in 1978 at 5 months old, then again at 5 years old. I was born and raised in the Hampton’s. My doctor was Dr. Berger. I have no clue what it feels like to be a normal painless person. Some days are better then others, but you can live 36+ years!

    My issue is finding a Lyme Literate Doctor where I live in Southern AZ. No one has a clue about LD here. It’s sad.

    Good luck Yolanda and everyone else!


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    • Thank you for your comment, Erica. I have to travel out of state for treatment, as we don’t have knowledgeable doctors here, either. There may be a few open minded enough to learn, I’m hoping. But not where I am. ILADS has a doctor referral tool on their website, and MD Junction’s Lyme Disease Support Group has a forum devoted to locating doctors that are truly Lyme Literate. I know the woman who keeps up their database and she is very dilligent. They may be able to help you find someone near you.


    • I was so surprised to read this. To see someone that was the first baby diagnosed was surreal for me. I am sorry you have had so much pain as to not know. I’ve been to hell and back myself. I want to mention this, because I was nearly ready to use “end of life” measures prior to this treatment. I saw a doctor, Dr. Heiner Fruehauf, in Corbett, Oregon. Many Chinese doctors and about anyone can get his herbs. I was in a wheelchair and very sick. Within a month, I could leave in my wheelchair for a trip. By 4 months out, I could bike in a light manner (in wheelchair otherwise). By a year later or less, I had time out of the wheelchair but used it due to trouble walking inclines. I wish I could have afforded to keep on Chinese Classical Pearls, but I couldn’t. It might be worth it. I’m trying bee venom therapy soon. I wish you well and hope for a day when you feel less pain.

      As to the doctor writing on this and under a fake name, “Shame, shame, shame.”

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      • Cheryl I pray you can continue and improve on what works for you and hope you find success with bee venom therapy. I am so sorry for what you have suffered. I wanted to also say that it is a small world….my family lived in Corbett for many years, and my dad was the first baby to survive a type of flesh eating meningitis in the forties, and the nuns in Corbett or Troutdale allowed doctors to test penicillin on him, experimental at the time, since he was not expected to survive the night anyway. Who knew Corbett, Oregon, was such a forward thinking medical hot spot….


  4. I read the original article when it first came out and thought to myself, what an idiot! I am 38 years old, run a successful business, was very active my entire life and don’t have time to be sick… Yet, I am suffering from chronic lyme. It is a very real and very serious disease. Luckily i’m located in Germany where lyme is considered a REAL disease. My insurance pays for a large portion of my therapy and the doctors know it’s real. I have been sick for almost 2 years. It’s the worst thing that has ever happened to me and I find it so sad that anyone could deny chronic lyme even existed. I’m here to tell you it sure does exist and it’s ruined my life. I’m luckier than most… I have an amazing boyfriend and a supportive business partner. I just wanted to tell everyone out there not to give up. If someone tells you it’s “all in your head,” move along to the next doctor. Don’t waste your energy fighting with a brick wall. Ignorance is bliss. I can tell you one thing… If any of these doubters ever walked a mile in our shoes they would surely recant their disbelief! Down with the haters!!

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    • Thank you for commenting. I’m also 38 and relatively lucky, in that I also have a supportive husband and kids and have been able to get treatment. I’ve been sick for almost five years, but have been diagnosed for almost two years. My insurance has covered some of treatment, but I have to go out of state for treatment from a knowledgeable doctor. I get so mad when physicians make such rash statements! I’ve been reading these things for years, but it still angers and surprises me. Especially in person…at the IDSA protest in Philadelphia, I was shocked to get sneered at by researchers/doctors representing a professional organization. I’m a federal biologist….they don’t have any idea who they are even sneering at, and none of the patients there deserved that kind of attitude. They didn’t even necessarily speak to us before being snide. It says a lot about their lack of objectivity to experience it in person. It is crazy that people like that, who don’t even take the time to address the facts, have so much power over our health care. I wish CDC had to adhere to the same standards as the agency I work for when it comes to best available science. It is a little bit ironic that I have to prove I’ve considered all relevant science in order to protect wildlife, but the same standards don’t apply to the health of humans!


  5. Shame on a New England doctor denying the existence of Chronic Lymes Disease. I have been suffering for two years with this diagnosis that took 10 years, 5 hospitalizations, several incorrect diagnoses, and numerous doctors to discover through a simple blood test. I possibly would not be in the poor shape I am in but for doctors like him who deny disease exists. I was a respected attorney for almost 20 years. At 54 years age I had to close my law practice and move in with my son losing everything. The disease is REAL and not the psychological rantings of a few. Thousands of people suffer because of such small minded so called professionals. THANK YOU YOLANDA FOR SHINING THE LIGHT ON THIS DEBILITATING DISEASE.

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  6. Thank you!!!! Thank you so much. You said everything I would have said if I had the strength.

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  7. It’s a re-run the same BS being toted by the same kind of BS WESTERN medicine doctor that fears for his practice………the CDC believes that there is no chronic Lyme because they hold patents on portions of the Lyme bug and they have lied for soooo many years about the treatment that they could not tell the truth now…………my son was bit when he was 3 he now has Lyme induced autism……..good luck getting help with that…………..my youngest boy contracted Lyme in utero ………….he is 11 so chronic or not his Lyme has been in his body for 11 years………..my wife has Lyme where she got it I don’t know but she hasn’t been but by a tick in 15 years so go figure plus my youngest has it so that means she was bit decades ago………I myself have Lyme also I believe I have old school Lyme contracted my 30 years ago it does not cause to much havoc In my body so I believe I have old school Lyme which carries NO co-infections……. It does thrive in my body like a warm host and transfers to my wife at each sexual interlude………..such a wonderful non existent disease that we have it’s the gift that keeps on giving………and we have such a great governing power of our medical authorities that guides them like sheep into a crate that they design for their own personal gain………I can’t stand the CDC…………how do we allow such a powerful entity to tell us lies……………..How do we stop and when are we going to say enough is enough they have already been proven wrong in a court of law but NO changes have been made………….it’s a joke……………and don’t even start me on this horrible OBAMACARE that doesn’t cover any medical expenses such as these ………………..;(

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    • Well said, Mike, and I’m sorry your family is suffering from this. It is striking to me how quickly other countries are surpassing us as soon as they start looking hard at this disease, using science to dictate care (perhaps only a few so far, but they are coming around much faster than we are). Some are even taking the time to state the inadequacies of IDSA’s guidelines, which should say a heck of a lot about the CDC’s scientific objectivity on this.


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